Georgia Supreme Court Rules for Worth County School System in Dispute with Former Teacher John Tibbetts

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The Supreme Court of Georgia reversed a Georgia Court of Appeals decision, ruling in favor of the Worth County School System in a lawsuit filed by former teacher John Tibbetts. Tibbetts, the 2018 Georgia Teacher of the Year, sued the school district after his employment was terminated for allegedly not signing a contract for the 2020 school year on time. Tibbetts argued that the contract offered was incomplete and invalid. Initially, a trial court ruled in favor of the school district. The Court of Appeals then overturned this decision in favor of Tibbetts. However, the Supreme Court of Georgia unanimously reversed the Appeals Court’s decision, siding with the school district, stating that there was no valid written contract that could waive sovereign immunity under the Georgia Constitution’s ex contractu clause.


Worth County School District receives Ga. Supreme Court reversal (

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